Play: Picture Yourself Inspired

Think of a word or phrase that inspires you Design with images, symbols and colours that represent your inspirational word or phrase Questions Why is it important to feel inspired? 2. What are some things that you can do to stay inspired? 3. What happens when you stop feeling inspired? 4. What are some signs... Continue Reading →

Play: Positively Beaming

Draw a circle to represent the sun Then draw lines coming away from the “sun” to represent sunbeams On those sunbeams draw or write inspiring thoughts and phrases, as if they are radiating from the sunbeams

Emotions as Metaphors

When it comes to emotions, they can feel like they are as big as all outdoors and strong enough to take us over. Or even take us down. Putting it into words can be difficult and feel slightly detached from the magnitude and ferocity that some emotions can cause. Even pleasant emotions can feel overwhelming.... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness/Play: Marking Your Day

Every one hundred steps you take, stop and document something that stands out as a part of your journey You can write about it as a moment of your day, or you can use small drawings that visually describe what you’ve seen and experienced

Mindfulness/Play: Exploring the Tiny

Choose something really, really small, like an eyelash or the tip of a pencil Draw the object as if it were being seen through a microscope Noting the tiniest detail as it would appear on a microscope slide Imagine what shapes it might have, what colours, what shading

Mindfulness/Play: New Every Day

Spend the next week acting as a tourist, or even an alien, and when you see a “new” object or place, then draw it Explore its details, how it might work, what purpose it might serve Treat the paper as if it were a photo album that you are filling with a series of micro-moments... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness/Play: Mirror Image

Choose a subject Gently fold a paper in half, and on the right draw the subject And on the left, use your left hand, and make a mirror image of your subject Try this several times with different subjects and see if you improve with your non-dominant hand

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