Coping Statement & Thoughts

Use the following statements when you are having negative thoughts or feeling anxiety…

– “This situation won’t last forever.”
– “I’ve been through this before and survived, I can survive this one too.”
– “This too shall pass.”
– “My feelings are normal.”
– “My feelings make me uncomfortable right now and I can do this.”
– “I can be anxious and still deal with the situation.”
– “I’m strong enough to handle what’s happening right now.”
– “This is an opportunity for me to learn how to cope with my anxiety.”
– “I can ride this out.”
– “I can take all the time I need right now for me to let go and be okay.”
– “My anxiety won’t kill me; it just doesn’t feel good right now.”
– “These are my feelings, and eventually they will pass.”
– “It’s okay to be anxious sometimes.”
– “My thoughts don’t control me. They are just thoughts. They are not facts.”
– “This situation sucks, and is only temporary.”
– “I’m strong and I can deal with this.”
– “Observe yourself without judging yourself.”
– “My feelings are like a wave that comes and goes.”

  • Use any statements or quotes of your own that might help
  • Use google for ideas as well
  • Create index cards of each statement you prefer to look at when your anxiety is high
  • Put any statements you prefer into your phone so you can refer to them as needed

These are the cards I created for coping, using yellow cards with orange marker.

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