Learning Coping Skills

So here is the 411 on the “Coping Skills” of my self-made program.

I have read a few dozen books on trauma, some specific to meditation, some specific to art therapy, some specific to narrative therapy and some specific to somatic therapy. (I will be posting the list of books I used).

Almost all of the books had some form of coping, or a list of coping skills. Some of the coping tips and skills I learned in a few of the groups I’ve done for my trauma work, like a year-long DBT Group, and a trauma program at WCH.

I was getting frustrated because the few coping skills I’d find wouldn’t always help me, or they would only last so long. I needed more. A lot more.

The problem with coping, particularly for anxiety and depression, and particularly when said anxiety and depression are chronic, is that it is pretty much an all-day, every day situation. And some of the coping tips I kept finding didn’t always help. And there was often only a few “skills” to try.

My other issue was that some books seemed to have the same coping tips and techniques. And I felt like I had already tried them all. There had to be more, didn’t there?

I found myself on a mission to find coping skills that would work for me. So I searched. I searched and I searched and I searched. I looked up coping and trauma on google and at my library wanting to find anywhere that might have tips or techniques to help me cope, especially with my anxiety and depression.

My search led me to dozens of books, and I checked out them all and found to my delight I didn’t find just a few anymore, I found dozens.

It was thanks to this list of dozens that I was finally, finally, able to find some that worked for me. Having an arsenal of ideas makes a HUGE difference for me. Because some tips aren’t always effective. Some only work in certain situations. And some lose their effectiveness after a while.

I thought if I had a hard time finding enough skills to help, then maybe others did too. Which brings me to my blog and its posts. I am sharing everything I have found so that others may find something that helps them as well.

Some of the tips or techniques may need A LOT of practice, some might work only for a short time, some may not work at all. But having options might help you find the ones that will work for you.

Anxiety is brutal. And if you have reached a breaking point, like I did, then I hope in my posts there may be a tip, technique, or skill or two that may help you.

So take what you need and leave the rest.

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