Breaking the Cycle

The thing is… being stuck is hard.

Very, very hard.

Stuck in habits that are no longer effective. Stuck in behaviours that are destructive. Stuck in a routine that does nothing more than get you to tomorrow.

And you can be stuck for years.

And even if you are aware that you are stuck it isn’t enough.

It would be great if it was, but it isn’t.

In order to not be stuck, you HAVE to break the cycle.

The day-in, day-out, I-do-what-have-to-to-get-by cycle.

And it’s not easy.

Where do you break it?

How do you break it?

And sometimes staying in the cycle just seems easier.

For some, it is.

But it isn’t the real you.

It isn’t really what you want, or who you are.

And I get it.

The cycle is familiar.

The cycle has (mostly) worked so far. Because you’re still here, right?

Except it’s not working anymore. Not really.

And even if it’s only a sliver of a break, you have to find it.

You have to work hard to wiggle that sliver in and finally break the cycle.

That one thing you’re going to do differently.

And that’s where it begins.

That’s when the cycle starts to splinter. And then bit-by-bit, the outcomes start to change.

And then the slivers become wedges.

But you have to keep at it.

Because eventually those wedges will tear the cycle apart.

It won’t be easy, and you’ll wonder if you can do it.

You can.

Even when it feels like it’s not working.

Even when it seems like the sliver is too small.

You can do it.

You. Can. Do. It.

The sliver may get pushed out. You just push it back in.

And every time the cycle tries to start back up again, and it seems to have tossed the first sliver aside, you find another sliver to break it.

You find something, anything, to do differently.


Because breaking the cycle is where we can finally become unstuck.

Where we can finally heal. Where we can finally thrive. Where we can be ourselves.

Cycle-breakers are tough.

Cycle-breakers are done with being stuck.

Cycle-breakers should never be underestimated.

Cycle-breakers are bad ass.

Being stuck is hard.

Very, very hard.

Cycle-breakers are

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