A Word About the Tasks, Exercises/Practices and Tips

I wanted to let people know that, thus far, everything (except for a dozen or so) are ideas, exercises/practices, tips and tasks that I have come across in my year and a half-long research on trauma and how to heal, cope and recover.

At some point I will be posting the bibliography of all the books I used and am referring to. I just have to update the list.

My intention is to share with others all that I have come across and learned in the hopes that maybe it can help someone the way a lot of these have helped me. You can do any or all of the tasks, exercises or practices as you need, in any order you like; by yourself, or with a professional. That, is up to you.

For myself, I am finally coming to a point of starting my “program” with all of these exercises and whatnot (I finally have them ordered and organized to try and be most effective for me), and I will post as I am doing them or as they are completed, so I can help better understand the task, exercise or practice, and maybe recommend how others might find said task or exercise/practice helpful. For now, they won’t be posted in any specific order.

Some tasks or exercises might be changed as I go through them and feel out what works or might be more effective. And if anyone has any questions or suggestions, please feel free to let me know (NOTE: I am obviously not a professional, nor am I an expert – except on my own trauma, so please keep that in mind if you have any questions. I’ll help if I can but I am not able to provide any diagnosis or treatment). This is all to help anyone who needs it. It is strictly self-help.

I know finding help can be hard and getting it can be even harder. This is my effort to help myself, and (hopefully) others so they can take control of their own recovery and healing as well.

My plan is to do the “program” for a few days a week to start. For a couple of hours each day. And at least one of each therapy.
For example, on the first Monday, start with a mindfulness exercise/practice, then do a somatic therapy exercise/practice, followed by a meditation exercise/practice, an art therapy exercise, and finally, a narrative therapy exercise. So that’s the order they’ll probably be posted.

The trauma therapy exercises can be a little deep so I’m not adding that for the first couple of weeks.

Hopefully others will find the posts helpful for themselves.

Good luck! 🙂

Take whatever you need and leave the rest.

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