Questions to Help You Connect With the Present Moment

Connecting with the present moment… very hard to do when feeling depressed or anxious. It can feel like the last thing I want to do. But I have found it to be helpful when I am having anxiety to come out of my mind and into the present by noticing and naming things around me. I can’t say it takes away my anxiety. It doesn’t, however, reduce it. Sometimes a lot.

Even if it means naming a table, a sidewalk, trees, what people on the bus are wearing or doing, anything to bring me out of the anxiety.

Practice. Practice. Practice. Name anything. Name everything.

*Put this into your phone if it will help or write it down somewhere

– What do I see around me right now?
– What objects, people, or situations do I observe?
– What am I hearing right now? Are the sounds loud or soft? Nearby or far away?
– What do I feel against my skin? What temperatures and textures do I notice?
– What does my body feel? Are my muscles relaxed or tense?
– What scents do I smell right now? Are they subtle or more obvious? Pleasant or unpleasant? Where are they coming from?

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    I would like to thank you so much for posting a gem of an article!

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    Kiran Kandel


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