Self-Soothing Tips

Some ideas for self-soothing…

Courtesy of Marsha Linehan (developer of DBT)

Write these down or put in your phone to have handy when you need it. Anything that you think might help when feeling stressed, activated, or anxious, try to have ready ahead of time.

Make yourself a self-soothing kit to have ready whenever you need it.

For distressing situation:
– Where am I right now?
– Am I time travelling in the future, worrying about something that might happen?
– Am I time travelling in the past, reviewing mistakes, reliving bad experiences, or thinking about how my life could have been under different circumstances?
– Or am I in the present, really paying attention to what I’m doing, thinking, and feeling?
– Recognize if you’re time travelling
– Notice how you’re breathing

By Sense of Smell
– Burn scented candles or scented wax
– Use lava beads with scented oils
– Choose perfumes or hand lotions and one-by-one take in their scent
– Go somewhere with a garden

By Sense of Vision
– Go through pics of a pet or loved one
– Go through travel pics
– Go through a travel or leisure magazine, book, or website
– Go through an art app or magazine
– Go to a park
– Go to the art gallery
– Go to the museum
– Go to the library and check out photograph books
– Colour
– Do a crossword or word search
– Read magazine or light book
– Light a candle and watch the flame

By Sense of Hearing
– Listen to soothing music
– Listen to nature sounds
– Listen to city sounds
– Listen to a podcast
– Create and listen to a playlist that is specifically for self-soothing
– Listen to a humour CD or comedian
– Listen to cartoons
– Learn to play an instrument

By Sense of Taste
– Chew gum
– Suck on a piece of candy, be mindful of its taste and texture

By Sense of Touch
– Stroke/pet an animal
– Touch a soft mitten or cloth
– Touch a stuffed animal
– Take a warm shower and just feel the water

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