A Plan for Life (Suicide Prevention Plan)

Being in crisis can be an extremely difficult time. Not just because of the thoughts and feelings that seem to take over, but being able to cope or manage is next to impossible.

Even remembering any skills or tips let alone using them can feel like a herculean task.

Having a crisis plan, best put together when you are not in crisis, can make a huge difference in the outcome. If the plan is already in place, and someone you trust is able to help you implement it could mean the difference between life and death.

At a time when you are not in crisis, think about the following, and have it written down or accessible somewhere that you and a trusted person can get to it when needed.

“I promise myself if I start to think about suicide, or am in any other type of crisis, I will contact the following people”:




I will also:
– Call my doctor or a suicide hotline, or go to a hospital if necessary
– Remind myself that my brain is lying to me and making things seem worse than they are. Suicidal thoughts are not based on reality, they are a symptom of my mood/mental illness disorder
– Remember that my life is valuable and worthwhile, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now
– Stick with my treatment plan and remember to take my medication, as prescribed
– Get in contact with other people who can be supportive and understand what I am going through
– Stay away from alcohol and illegal drugs
– Have someone take away anything I could use to hurt myself
– Stay aware of my moods, know my warning signs and get help early
– Be kind to myself

What are the signs that I am in crisis?

What are the signs that I need to go to the hospital or seek professional assistance?

Which person or people would I prefer to help me in crisis?

What are things that others can say or do to help me in crisis?

Hopefully a plan like this will never need to be used, but if it is then having information, contacts and plans at the ready may very well save your life.

Add anything else you feel others might need to know to help you in time of crisis.

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