*TW* Making Plans

When you’re in crisis, the last thing you are able to do is make a plan. Even if you’re thinking of suicide, your plan will most likely be last minute or whatever will work fastest. And if you do have a plan for suicide, you most likely put it together when the idea was there and not yet the intention.

Which brings me to the subject at hand, making plans.

Hopefully, you do not have a suicide plan, and if you do, you also have a prevention plan in place to help you, should the suicide plan start to come into effect.

I know it can be tough to put together plans for distress, crisis, and suicide when those things are not forefront in your mind. But having a plan, or several, if thats what you need, in place for when things do get to that point, you have ways, people, and places you can go for help.

A crisis plan, a suicide prevention plan, a distress plan, are basically all the same thing. And they can be put together as one plan, or kept apart as separate plans. Whatever works for you.

I have my own crisis plan that I use for when things are getting too overwhelming, for when anxiety gets too much, and depression gets too deep. It is a slightly different plan than my suicide prevention plan. I kept them separate because for me when I’m in crisis or distress doesn’t always lead to thoughts or urges towards suicide. So, for me, I need different things when I am in distress or crisis versus when I am thinking of suicide or am suicidal.

I posted the crisis plan, your warning signs, the distraction plan, and the suicide prevention plan separately for this reason. If, like me, you have different levels of distress and crisis, and need different responses for each. It can help to have each of them in their own plan.

However, like other posts, you do what works for you. If that means one plan is all you need, or one plan with ALL of the information, or several different plans, then you do you. Take what you need, and use it in whatever way helps you best.

I strongly encourage sharing these plans with someone you trust so that in the event that you are in crisis and are unable to cope and think straight, your trusted person can refer to the plan and what steps to take to help you.

And, fill the plans with whatever information you think might help you in times of crisis and distress. If you want someone to talk to, then include that. If it’s a certain person you want to talk to, include that too. Talk to that person ahead of time and let them know you’d like to include them in your plan as a contact person. You can work out a code in order for them to know you’re in crisis. For example, if your contact with them is by text, you can select a code word that you can text them and they’ll know to get back to you ASAP as you are in distress.

If you like to fidget with toys, then put that in your plan, and make sure you have the toys you would like to fidget with in a place where either you or a trusted person can get to them without thinking. If you need word searches or a game of some kind, then also have it at the ready for when you might need it.

When putting together a plan, no matter what level of distress you are in, it is important to put in the plan what works for YOU. And no one else. If fidgeting with pencils helps you, then include that. If watching kitten videos helps you, then include that. If you like to sit in the dark in the bathroom to re-group, then include that. I would recommend though for anything that puts you alone, in the dark or in silence, that you work out beforehand (when not in distress) what someone you can trust can do in the event that things turn TOO dark and being alone, in silence or in the dark is no longer a good idea, or is no longer safe.

These plans can literally mean the difference between life and death for you so make sure it is what YOU need.

Tweak the plans as you go and learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

It took me a few tries to get my plan to a place of it including what I need, when I need it, and who I need it from.

Be safe everyone. I hope having the plans helps.

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