The Ninety-Second Rule

– A thought creates a physical reaction

– Any emotion you experience comes from a thought, which releases chemicals in your brain that creates a feeling in your body

– That chemical reaction lasts only ninety seconds

– After ninety seconds the chemical naturally subsides and disappears

– If you can ride it out for ninety seconds (at least to start) and shift your thoughts and focus elsewhere, you can lessen the experience

– If you keep thinking stressful thoughts, you will keep producing stress chemicals

– Count to 90 or set a timer

– Sing a song or hum

  • Do anything you can to get yourself through for 90 seconds
  • It’s our thoughts that prolong the experience, so anything you can do or find, hopefully without turning to self-destructive coping methods, then it will pass

Your thoughts are not facts. They are just thoughts. Tell them “No!” Or think “STOP!” Anytime a thought creeps into your mind, say “STOP!”, either out loud or just in your mind.

The goal here is to allow the feeling to subside on its own within 90 seconds. Without feeding (with thoughts) and without trying to push it away or avoid it.

Just let it rise and let it pass.

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