The Sedona Method

This is one of my first go-to’s when I come up against urges and unpleasant feelings. Admittedly, it doesn’t always seem to help, so when it feels like it’s not as effective that day, or that moment, I pair it with other grounding tips and techniques.

It sometimes takes several tries, or more, to help so give it a chance before discarding as unhelpful. And as with most other tips and techniques, I’ve entered this as a Note in my phone so I can refer to it wherever I am.

– This easy-to-use process can be a very simple and yet incredibly effective way to engage the focus of your brain and pair it with the reduction of disturbing feelings

– Become very present with and aware of the disturbing feeling

  1. Can I welcome this feeling as best I can?
  2. Could I let this feeling go?
  3. Would I let this feeling go?
  4. When? (Wait until you can say “now”)

– Repeat as many times as necessary to feel emptied of the feeling

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