Opposite Sides to Balance

This is the heart of dialectics. It is from DBT and Marsha Linehan.

  1. Accepting reality AND working to change it.
  2. Validating yourself and others AND acknowledging errors.
  3. Working AND resting.
  4. Doing things you need to do AND doing things you want to do.
  5. Working on improving yourself AND accepting yourself exactly as you are.
  6. Problem solving AND problem acceptance.
  7. Emotion regulation AND emotion acceptance.
  8. Mastering something on your own AND asking for help.
  9. Independence AND dependence.
  10. Openness AND privacy.
  11. Trust AND suspicion.
  12. Watching and observing AND participating.
  13. Taking from others AND giving to others.
  14. Focusing on yourself AND focusing on others.

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