A List of Things to Do for Distraction/Self-Soothing/Just for Fun

  1. Collecting things (baseball cards, coins, stamps, rocks, shells, etc.).
  2. Going on vacation.
  3. Relaxing.
  4. Going to or watching a movie.
  5. Jogging, walking.
  6. Listening to music.
  7. Buying household gadgets.
  8. Lying in the sun.
  9. Laughing.
  10. Thinking about past trips.
  11. Reading magazines or newspapers.
  12. Hanging out with friends.
  13. Engaging in hobbies (stamp collecting, model building, etc.).
  14. Planning a day out.
  15. Meeting new people.
  16. Practicing karate, judo, yoga, etc.
  17. Repairing things around the house.
  18. Working on machinery (cars, boats, etc.).
  19. Having a quiet evening in.
  20. Taking care of plants.
  21. Going swimming.
  22. Doodling.
  23. Exercising.
  24. Collecting old things; antiquing.
  25. Going to a party.
  26. Playing golf.
  27. Playing soccer.
  28. Flying kites.
  29. Having discussions with friends.
  30. Riding a bike or motorbike.
  31. Running track.
  32. Going camping.
  33. Arranging flowers.
  34. Going to the beach
  35. Going to the park.
  36. Gardening.
  37. Playing softball or baseball.
  38. Going skating, skateboarding, rollerblading.
  39. Going tobogganing; build a snowman.
  40. Going sailing or motor boating.
  41. Travelling.
  42. Painting.
  43. Making pottery.
  44. Joining a club; book club, etc.
  45. Doing needlepoint, sewing, embroidery, etc.
  46. Driving.
  47. Archery.
  48. Learn a language.
  49. Learn to play an instrument.
  50. Singing.
  51. Join a choir.
  52. Doing arts and crafts.
  53. Making a gift for someone.
  54. Watching sports.
  55. Cooking.
  56. Going hiking.
  57. Writing.
  58. Going out to dinner.
  59. Sightseeing.
  60. Getting a manicure/pedicure/facial.
  61. Early morning coffee and newspaper.
  62. Playing tennis.
  63. Learn a sport.
  64. Going to a play or concert.
  65. Planning to go (back) to school.
  66. Watching TV.
  67. Refinishing furniture.
  68. Going for a walk in the woods.
  69. Buying gifts.
  70. Going to a spectator sport (auto racing, horse racing).
  71. Teaching or tutoring.
  72. Photography.
  73. Going fishing.
  74. Playing with animals.
  75. Volunteering.
  76. Reading (fiction or non-fiction).
  77. Acting.
  78. Cleaning.
  79. Going on a picnic.
  80. Meditation
  81. Having lunch with a friend.
  82. Going to the mountains.
  83. Playing hockey.
  84. Going skiing.
  85. Going to museums or art galleries.
  86. Going bowling.
  87. Whitewater rafting/canoeing/kayaking.
  88. Debating.
  89. Take a dance class.
  90. Take a cooking class.
  91. Doing woodworking.
  92. Debating.
  93. Sitting at a sidewalk cafe, enjoying the afternoon.
  94. Having an aquarium.
  95. Knitting.
  96. Doing crossword puzzles, word search, etc.
  97. Shooting pool.
  98. Getting a massage.
  99. Playing basketball; shooting baskets.
  100. Solving riddles or mysteries.
  101. Going to a sports event – baseball game, basketball game, etc.
  102. Checking out garage sales.
  103. Going horseback riding.
  104. Taking a hot bath or shower.
  105. Playing cards.
  106. Doing a puzzle.
  107. Taking a nap.
  108. Playing a board game.
  109. Completing a task or project.
  110. Making a smoothie or treat for myself.
  111. Surprising someone with a gift or favour.
  112. Playing video games.
  113. Getting a haircut.
  114. Watching stand-up comedy on You Tube.
  115. Watching puppy or kitten videos on You Tube.
  116. Blogging.
  117. Fighting for a cause.
  118. Going on field trips, mature walks, exploring away from home.
  119. Going to an amusement park, zoo, carnival or fair.
  120. Going to the library.
  121. Learning to do something new.
  122. Listening to the sounds of nature.
  123. Outdoor work (farm work, landscaping, etc.)
  124. Playing in the sand, a stream, the grass, etc.
  125. Reading cartoons or comics.
  126. Rearranging or redecorating the room or house.
  • Add any ideas of your own; Be creative

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