Being Mindful of Current Thoughts

  1. Observe your thoughts
    – As waves, coming and going
    – As clouds in the sky, floating by
    – As leaves floating on a river
    – As cars passing by on a highway
  2. Observe without judgment
    – Without suppressing your thoughts
    – Without judging your thoughts
    – Acknowledging their presence
    – Without analyzing your thoughts
    – Without keeping thoughts around
    – Stepping back and observing thoughts as they run in and out of your mind
  3. Adopt a curious mind
    – Ask, “Where do my thoughts come from?” Watch and see.
    – Notice that every thought that comes also goes out of your mind.
    – Observe without evaluating your thoughts. Let go of judgments.

4. Remember: You are not your thoughts
– Do not necessarily act on your thoughts.
– Remind yourself that catastrophic thinking is “emotion mind”
– Notice thoughts as they come into your mind. As a thought comes into your mind, say “a thought has entered my mind.” Label the thought as a thought, saying, “The thought [describe the thought] arose in my mind.” Use a gentle voice.

5. Don’t block or suppress thoughts
– Ask, “What sensations are these thoughts trying to avoid?” Turn your mind to the sensation. Then come back to the thought. Repeat several times.
– Step back; allow your thoughts to come and go as you observe your breath.

6. Try befriending your thoughts.
– Play with your thoughts: Repeat them out loud over and over as fast you can. Sing them. Imagine the thoughts with a British accent or another accent. Imagine the thoughts as recordings getting all tangled up; as cute animals you can cuddle up to; as bright colours running through your mind.

  • Use any statements or quotes of your own that might help
  • Use google for ideas as well
  • Put any ideas that will help you into your phone or mobile device so you can reference when you need to

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