Naming the Experience in Your Body Right Now

– This is to help develop your body awareness

  • Once you are aware of what is going on in your body, try to sit with it, just let your body respond to the moment in whatever way it needs to
  • At first this will probably be difficult, don’t stress at sitting with it for too long to start, use coping skills or self-soothing if you need to and try to connect with your body next time
  • Practice, practice, practice

Right now I am feeling …(emotion) and I am sensing in my body …(at least 3 body sensations).

I am curious about my body …(name one sensation).

I am connecting with what is in my body …(name one curious aspect; what gives you pleasure) and I am learning that my body shows me …(describe a little detail).

I also notice my breath is …(be descriptive about what and how and where the breath is).

As I feel my overall body, I feel …(what is coming to you as you feel and sense your body).

I can say that now I am …(current-moment experience).

  • Put these statements in your phone or mobile device or an index card (old school) so you can reference it when you need to

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