How to Be Successful With Changing Behaviour


And when you think you’ve practiced enough, practice some more

Do it whenever you have the chance, activated or not activated, anxious or not anxious

Do it every day.

Several times a day.


– Keep track of your safe and unsafe behaviours

– Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect

– Create a why and it will lead you to how

– Make it fun, if possible

– Watch for the all-or-none trap (aka the abstinence violation effect: if you slip, you think you’ve failed)

– Share with people who want you to succeed

– How long? Start with one minute. Then move to two minutes. Try to get up to fifteen minutes at a time (that’s the time it takes to decrease urges; keep stacking fifteen minutes on fifteen minutes until the urge has reduced)

– Remember progress, not perfection

– Know what to accept

– Know what to expect

– Give your plan a name

– Remove temptation

– Keep it visible (use any methods that keep your plan front and centre)

– For now, ignore the (lack of motivation) feelings (do the safe/healthy behaviours over and over and over until you feel it)

      – Don’t be seduced by maybes (maybes usually mean no)

– Give it time (to take hold)

– Use all the coping skills you have

– Now – not later NOW

Can you promise yourself you’ll try the plan for at least a week?

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