Mindfulness/Play: Mapping Your Day

  • This week, draw a map of places you visit to your home, i.e. from the grocery store to your home, from work to your home, going for a walk and back home
  • Draw whatever you might pass as if you need to direct someone in explicit detail how to find your home
  • What would they see or pass on their way to your home, are there trees, houses, buildings, stores? How would they know they were on the right path? How would they know they have found your home?
  • Remember every turn, landmark, traffic light, maybe even construction going on
  • Pay attention to things you might overlook, i.e. a bank on the corner or a bus stop

If drawing a map to your own home feels a little to revealing, then draw a path to your favourite place from a general intersection or neighbourhood. It doesn’t have to be to your home. It can be from and to anywhere. It’s the details that are the focus here. How would the person know they were going the right way to the destination? How would they know they had reached their destination?

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