Reflecting on Strengths & Positive Qualities

Seeing the positive in ourselves can be tough. It’s easy for us to only see the negative and where we feel weak.

But the positive IS there. And we DO have strengths.

Take a moment to reflect on what they might be. List as many as you can think of. Enlist help if you come up blank.

If you became a different person tomorrow, or your life changed as you know it, what would you miss about yourself and your life, even if it is the tiniest thing?

If you were to give yourself an award, what would it be for? Be honest. You DO have something you could have earned an award for. It doesn’t have to be an academic or work accomplishment. It could be in your skills, your parenting, your relationships, your talents, your home, something you have learned. Be creative. It can be for anything you want.

If you looked in the sky and there was a feel good message written in the clouds, or carved into stones around your feet, what would it be?

List all the good within you. It IS there. Be patient. Be kind.

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