Play: Creating a Safe Place

Having a safe place can feel like the difference between life and death. It can give us the space to survive.

Everyone should have a safe place. Whether it’s an actual place that you can go to when you need to feel safe, or it’s a place you create in your mind.

It’s YOUR safe place. You make it look however you want. You make it wherever you want. You let in whomever you want, or not. You make it yours. ALL OF IT.

You make the rules. You break the rules. It’s all up to you. And NO ONE else.

If you were to build or create a safe place, what would it look like? Where would it be?

  • Create/draw/journal what your safe place would look like, and if you have more than one, what would each look like

Where would it be? Underground. Above ground. In space. On another planet. In another universe.

What colour would it be?

Would it have windows or doors?

Would it be a room? Would it be a whole house? Would it be a cottage? Would it be a cave? Would it be underground? Would it be outside?

How would you decorate it?

Fill it, decorate it, paint it, make it big, make it small, make it light, make it dark, make it indoors, make it in a forest, make it entirely of blankets and pillows. Whatever makes you feel safe.

Would you let other in? Where could they go? What could they touch? What permissions would you allow for in your safe place?

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