Play: Dangers, Obstacles and Barriers

As important as safety is, it also important to be able to defend yourself.

Being able to defend yourself, and bring yourself to a place of safety can be empowering. There may not always be opportunity to defend yourself, or circumstances may not allow for you to defend yourself, but if, and when you do or can, take it.

Know that, no matter what, you ALWAYS have the right to defend yourself. Even when the opportunity is not there, the right still is. Even when circumstances don’t allow you to protect yourself, that right does not go away.

If it safe to do so, defend yourself. NO ONE can take that right from you.

  • Draw ways in which you could protect yourself from danger and barriers that you would use to keep yourself safe

Be creative and let your mind go.

You can use whatever you want to protect and defend yourself. Anything. A sword. A dragon. A wall. An ocean. An army. Whatever you want.

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