Play: Stages of Anxiety

Anxiety can be tough. It can feel like the world has shrunk and every place and situation are unsafe. It can sneak up on me, and be triggered without warning. Sometimes though, we can see it coming. Sometimes we can not only identify the trigger, but we can also “see” our anxiety gaining traction.

Knowing what our triggers are can be helpful. And knowing what our own stages of anxiety are can also be helpful in either reducing and/or managing our responses.

It’s helpful to have a safety plan in place so that when anxiety is activated, we can do whatever we need to in order to feel safe again.

Sometimes safety plans will help. Sometimes not. But at least having a plan in place means we have a chance at feeling safer when we need to.

What would your safety plan look like? What do your stages of anxiety look like?

  • Draw three clouds with an arrow pointing from one cloud to the next
  • Fill in the clouds with colours and/or symbols that represent the stages of your anxiety
  • If you’re able to, draw what might help you feel safer in each of your stages

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