Connecting with the Head

The cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) is found in the nervous system. Characteristics of tuning into the fluid system of our body are associated with meditative states, effortlessness, stillness and a sense of flow in the spine.

The CSF is produced in the ventricles of the brain and moves along the spinal cord. It continues through the spinal and cranial nerves and into the fascia and connective tissue of the body into all the cells of the body.

The CSF nourishes the entire body by cycling back from the cells through the veins of the heart and lymphatic vessels.

The CSF is very slow moving. Think of it as a very slow inner movement that is happening continuously to a different inner rhythm.

When you connect with that rhythm, you are slowing down and tuning into subtle levels of your experience. It has a different rhythm than that of the breath and pulse rhythms of the body.

The sutures on your cranium are movable and fluid, not static. Imagine your skull being fluid and supple, not hard

  • Draw your brain and head before the exercise
  • How does it feel to you?


  1. Sit comfortably and quietly.
  2. Place each of your hands on the sides of your head.
  3. Give your head a gentle squeeze with each exhale, as if you are gently pushing into your head. With the inhale, release the pressure of the hands squeezing.
  4. Synchronize the head squeeze with the breath; slow it down with each breath cycle.
  5. Do five to six slow, focused breaths. Then lower your heads.
  6. Make a very, very small movement in your head/cranium. You want to make the movement so small that it is barely visible from the outside. This movement will be initiated in your whole head, but let that movement be felt in the cranium.
  7. Do about two to three movements, then stop and notice again.
  8. Can you sense a fluidity inside your body? How does your skull feel?
  • Draw your brain and head after the exercise.
  • What changes do you notice?

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