Cupping Your Eyes

Cup your hands over your eyes, enough so that you cannot see any light. Close your eyes and feel the darkness for a few breaths.While your hands are still cupped over your eyes, open your eyes slowly. This may feel very peaceful. Imagine that you are in deep shade, in the middle of a forest.... Continue Reading →

Being Mindful of Current Thoughts

Observe your thoughts- As waves, coming and going- As clouds in the sky, floating by- As leaves floating on a river- As cars passing by on a highwayObserve without judgment- Without suppressing your thoughts- Without judging your thoughts- Acknowledging their presence- Without analyzing your thoughts- Without keeping thoughts around- Stepping back and observing thoughts as... Continue Reading →

A List of Things to Do for Distraction/Self-Soothing/Just for Fun

Collecting things (baseball cards, coins, stamps, rocks, shells, etc.).Going on vacation.Relaxing.Going to or watching a movie.Jogging, walking.Listening to music.Buying household gadgets.Lying in the sun.Laughing.Thinking about past trips.Reading magazines or newspapers.Hanging out with friends.Engaging in hobbies (stamp collecting, model building, etc.).Planning a day out.Meeting new people.Practicing karate, judo, yoga, etc.Repairing things around the house.Working on machinery... Continue Reading →

The Autonomic System

For those of us struggling with anxiety, particularly when we have struggled for years, and it has brought us to the point of feeling paralyzed, our autonomic system has been taxed to its limits. It's also known as our sympathetic system and parasympathetic system, OR dorsal vagal activation and ventral vagal activation OR fight-flight-freeze-fawn. For... Continue Reading →

Building Support

Having a support team can make a huge difference when struggling with crisis or distress, whether it's in addition to mental illness or not. Healing from trauma takes a lot of work and effort. And going through it alone can make it even tougher. There will be a lot that you will have to do... Continue Reading →

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