Connecting with the Head

The cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) is found in the nervous system. Characteristics of tuning into the fluid system of our body are associated with meditative states, effortlessness, stillness and a sense of flow in the spine. The CSF is produced in the ventricles of the brain and moves along the spinal cord. It continues through... Continue Reading →

Keeping a Somatic Journal

Journalling can be an important and effective tool in healing. Exploring emotions, thoughts, or just writing down whatever can help. in addition to journalling our thoughts, emotions and activities, journalling about our somatic experience can be a valuable tool. Exploring the sensations of our body, and our experiences can be profound. It may even be... Continue Reading →

Mapping Body Sensations

In this exercise, you will colour or draw on the body any areas of interest What colours would you use to express sensations? Project the inner world in colour onto the drawingGoogle images of body outlines to use whatever image or outline you prefer What part of the body calls your attention and why? How... Continue Reading →

Checking in with the Soma

Draw the sensations and feelings you’re experiencing in the body right now Can be done as a one-time check-in or on a regular basis Have the Somagram in front of you; choose a few colours.Take a breath and exhale, slow down your attention.Tune into your body and ask: “How am I feeling in this moment?”Ask... Continue Reading →

Describing the Soma

Take a moment and take in a deep breath, connect with your own bodyWhat sensations or feelings are you experiencing right now?Freely chart your feelings and sensations about your body, use the body outline if it helps 1. How do you feel inside your body?2. How do you see your external body?

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