A Quick Word from Me…

Hello, I apologize for the absence. A lot of the tasks, exercises and practices have to be re-written in order for me to post them, and it's taking me longer than I expected to re-write. More posts will be coming as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

*TW* Making Plans

When you're in crisis, the last thing you are able to do is make a plan. Even if you're thinking of suicide, your plan will most likely be last minute or whatever will work fastest. And if you do have a plan for suicide, you most likely put it together when the idea was there... Continue Reading →

A Program for Me, By Me

As of this month, I have been on a healing journey for three years now. I didn’t know it was going to become a healing journey when I first started. I fully expected, and hoped, that maybe, finally, I would be able to function. That was it. I just wanted to be able to function... Continue Reading →

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