Mindfulness/Play: Mirror Image

Choose a subject Gently fold a paper in half, and on the right draw the subject And on the left, use your left hand, and make a mirror image of your subject Try this several times with different subjects and see if you improve with your non-dominant hand

Mindfulness/Play: One Long Line

Get a blank piece of paper and a pencil, or you can use paint and a paintbrush Draw (or paint) a line from left to right at the top of the paper When you get to the end of the line, without breaking contact with the paper, double-back on yourself as you continue the next... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness/Play: Going Circular

Make circles on your paper, letting your hand move to create the best circles you can Let the circles overlap, touch, or stand alone Make movements with your whole arm, then your hand, and then just your thumb and forefinger to make circles of different sizes

Mindfulness/Play: A Little Exploring

Choose an ordinary object as your unexplored territory Take time to notice the small details in the materials that make up the object Closely explore the terrain of the object and create a drawing that exaggerates the peaks and troughs, the textures and terrains and the tiny imperfections Approach the task as if you are... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness/Play: Going Small

In this exercise, I invite you to focus on a very small thing - Small is key here, because the goal of this exercise is not to change your entire life or mindset, but to narrow your focus to one small thing - Depression feels overwhelming - Going small counteracts that storm - Choose a... Continue Reading →

What Cannot Be Held

- Bring your attention to the sunlight - Hold your hand out, open and palm up, and let the sun shine on the palm of your hand - Now try to grab the sunlight (or try to hold the wind) - What did you notice as you did this practice? Be honest. Did you feel... Continue Reading →

Cupping Your Eyes

Cup your hands over your eyes, enough so that you cannot see any light. Close your eyes and feel the darkness for a few breaths.While your hands are still cupped over your eyes, open your eyes slowly. This may feel very peaceful. Imagine that you are in deep shade, in the middle of a forest.... Continue Reading →

Gazing (Quick Meditation)

Get comfortable. Choose an object to stare at.Stare at your object for a maximum of five minutes. Occasionally closing your eyes or averting your gaze to let your eyes rest. USE: For clearing/calming the mind

Connecting with Gravity

Lie flat on the floor without being disturbed.Set a timer for five minutes. Practice slow, deep breathing. Become conscious of gravity pulling your body into the floor. Imagine gravity pulling any tension out of your body and pulling away disturbing thoughts as well. Become one with the floor beneath you, and imagine yourself to be... Continue Reading →

Ocean-Sounding Breathing

Get comfortable. Close your eyes and gently allow the upper lip to rest on the lower lip.Breathe long, even breaths in and out of your nose.Now imagine a mirror at the tip of your nose. On your next exhale, pretend you’re fogging up the mirror.Imagine that same mirror at the base of your throat. When... Continue Reading →

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