Visual Journaling

Sometimes words don't properly convey what we are feeling, and what is going on in our heads. Words just don't seem to fit or work. Sometimes a colour or image works better. Enter visual journaling. If you can, get a sketchbook for your visual journaling. Focus on the current experience of self and the environment... Continue Reading →

Cupping Your Eyes

Cup your hands over your eyes, enough so that you cannot see any light. Close your eyes and feel the darkness for a few breaths.While your hands are still cupped over your eyes, open your eyes slowly. This may feel very peaceful. Imagine that you are in deep shade, in the middle of a forest.... Continue Reading →

Building Support

Having a support team can make a huge difference when struggling with crisis or distress, whether it's in addition to mental illness or not. Healing from trauma takes a lot of work and effort. And going through it alone can make it even tougher. There will be a lot that you will have to do... Continue Reading →

Coping Ahead

"Coping Ahead" is from DBT and Marsha Linehan. Coping ahead can be a wonderful tool. For the events and situations we can either anticipate or expect coming, we can prepare ahead of time how we might be able to most effectively manage it. Taking the steps to prepare, and cope ahead, can make a huge... Continue Reading →

Troubleshooting Emotion Regulation

This is courtesy of DBT and Marsha Linehan If you find you have issue when trying to regulate your emotions and trying to problem-solve, there could be a number of factors that can impede effective resolution. The following checklist allows you to check-in with yourself and see if there are other issues going on that... Continue Reading →

Practicing Wise Mind

The following is courtesy of DBT and Marsha Linehan. I recommend recording this as a Voice Memo and/or making a note of it in your phone or wherever you can easily refer to it as needed. Stone on the lake.- Imagine that you are by a clear blue lake on a beautiful sunny day.- Then... Continue Reading →

Taking Hold of Your Mind

The following is courtesy of DBT and Marsha Linehan OBSERVE- Notice your body sensations.- Pay attention on purpose, to the present moment.- Control your attention, but not what you see. Push away nothing. Cling to nothing.- Practice wordless watching: watch thoughts come into your mind and let them slip right by like clouds in the... Continue Reading →

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