Cupping Your Eyes

Cup your hands over your eyes, enough so that you cannot see any light. Close your eyes and feel the darkness for a few breaths.While your hands are still cupped over your eyes, open your eyes slowly. This may feel very peaceful. Imagine that you are in deep shade, in the middle of a forest.... Continue Reading →

The Sedona Method

This is one of my first go-to's when I come up against urges and unpleasant feelings. Admittedly, it doesn't always seem to help, so when it feels like it's not as effective that day, or that moment, I pair it with other grounding tips and techniques. It sometimes takes several tries, or more, to help... Continue Reading →

The Ninety-Second Rule

- A thought creates a physical reaction - Any emotion you experience comes from a thought, which releases chemicals in your brain that creates a feeling in your body - That chemical reaction lasts only ninety seconds - After ninety seconds the chemical naturally subsides and disappears - If you can ride it out for... Continue Reading →

Your Warning Signs

Try to identify the particular warning signs that you need to look out for. Keep this list handy, and it can also be useful to share it with someone you trust. This list will help protect you by keeping you (and your loved ones) aware of potential problems, so if you do start having difficulties,... Continue Reading →

Crisis Plan

Putting together a crisis plan can be helpful when things get to a point where skills and tools are not as effective, and maybe having to go to the next step. Once the plan is created, put it somewhere that it can be easily retrieved in a time of distress. Also maybe share it with... Continue Reading →

Distraction Plan & Ideas

Create yourself a distraction plan. This can be coupled with any of the other plans or you can leave it as a separate plan, whatever works for you. Write it down or put it where you know you can get to it as needed. If anything that helps you distract requires tools or toys, then... Continue Reading →

Counting and Naming

I know I've mentioned counting and naming before, but I think it bears repeating because counting and naming can be really helpful when it comes to coping with anxiety. There are few things that can be done anywhere, anytime, in any situation the way counting and naming can be. Breathing, is another anywhere-anytime tool, but... Continue Reading →

Self-Soothing Tips

Some ideas for self-soothing... Courtesy of Marsha Linehan (developer of DBT) Write these down or put in your phone to have handy when you need it. Anything that you think might help when feeling stressed, activated, or anxious, try to have ready ahead of time. Make yourself a self-soothing kit to have ready whenever you... Continue Reading →

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