Play/Exploration: Boxed In

When you're feeling stuck, feeling trapped or a lack of inward progress, how might that look? Draw a box and inside illustrate the ways that you are feeling stuck or trappedThen draw ways or solutions that can help get you out of the box Questions What is inside the box?How long have I been dealing... Continue Reading →

Play/Exploration: Traffic Light

Draw an outline of a typical traffic light, with red, yellow, and green (or google a blank one) Fill in each circle:What puts you on green?What might yellow or amber look like when there could be signs of crisis or distress?What does it look like when you're on red (in distress)?

Emotions as Metaphors

When it comes to emotions, they can feel like they are as big as all outdoors and strong enough to take us over. Or even take us down. Putting it into words can be difficult and feel slightly detached from the magnitude and ferocity that some emotions can cause. Even pleasant emotions can feel overwhelming.... Continue Reading →

Pieces of the Puzzle

There are many pieces that make up who we are. People and pets we love. Things we enjoy doing. Accomplishments we've made. Things that frustrate us. Things that scare us. Things that make us happy. Things that we miss. Emotions we have. Memories we have. What would the pieces of your puzzle have? What brings... Continue Reading →

“Channelling” Emotions

If you turned the TV on to the… (angry, sad, happy, scared, fun etc.) channel, what would you see?What would the channel show if it was conveying an emotion? How would you know you were looking at sadness? Or happiness?What would you want to see?What would you not want to see?

Taking Your Temperature

Choose a different word or statement to represent the feelings for each colour Then colour them in and choose which colour you would place yourself in? What colour would represent each emotion?

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