Play: Dangers, Obstacles and Barriers

As important as safety is, it also important to be able to defend yourself. Being able to defend yourself, and bring yourself to a place of safety can be empowering. There may not always be opportunity to defend yourself, or circumstances may not allow for you to defend yourself, but if, and when you do... Continue Reading →

Play: Creating a Safe Place

Having a safe place can feel like the difference between life and death. It can give us the space to survive. Everyone should have a safe place. Whether it's an actual place that you can go to when you need to feel safe, or it's a place you create in your mind. It's YOUR safe... Continue Reading →

Play: Safety Net

Draw your safety net, something that keeps you from falling/from harm. What would it look like? What do you need to feel safe? Anything goes.

Play: Stages of Anxiety

Anxiety can be tough. It can feel like the world has shrunk and every place and situation are unsafe. It can sneak up on me, and be triggered without warning. Sometimes though, we can see it coming. Sometimes we can not only identify the trigger, but we can also "see" our anxiety gaining traction. Knowing... Continue Reading →

Play: Fairy Godparents

Having someone looking out for us can help us feel safer and cared for. If you had a fairy godparent or guardian angel, what would they look like? Would you be the only one to see them? How would they help you? Draw a fairy godparent or guardian angel that would protect you Would you... Continue Reading →

Play/Exploration: Boxed In

When you're feeling stuck, feeling trapped or a lack of inward progress, how might that look? Draw a box and inside illustrate the ways that you are feeling stuck or trappedThen draw ways or solutions that can help get you out of the box Questions What is inside the box?How long have I been dealing... Continue Reading →

Play/Exploration: Traffic Light

Draw an outline of a typical traffic light, with red, yellow, and green (or google a blank one) Fill in each circle:What puts you on green?What might yellow or amber look like when there could be signs of crisis or distress?What does it look like when you're on red (in distress)?

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