Exploring Self-Care

Check the items on the list that you are currently doing, or will be doing as part of self-care: ExerciseNutritionProper sleepGood hygieneChores around the houseTaking meds as prescribedKeeping medical appointmentsSocializing (with friends or making new connections)Keeping sharp (puzzles, games)Positive self-talkFinding a purposeAllowing time for funTreat myself wellMindfulness/meditationHobbiesThe arts (expression and galleries)Keep strongBe kind to myselfBe... Continue Reading →

Checking In: Self-Care Questions

Are you finding self-care difficult? Do you need to check-in and see how things are going? Are there any areas you want to change what you're doing for yourself? What are some ways to take care of yourself physically?What are some ways to take care of yourself mentally?What are some ways to take care of... Continue Reading →

Boosting Your Self-Esteem

What are your strengths? What do you admire about yourself? What are your five greatest achievements? What can you treat or reward yourself that doesn’t involve money or food? What can you do to make yourself laugh? What are things that you can do for others? What are things that you can do that make... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness/Play: One Long Line

Get a blank piece of paper and a pencil, or you can use paint and a paintbrush Draw (or paint) a line from left to right at the top of the paper When you get to the end of the line, without breaking contact with the paper, double-back on yourself as you continue the next... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness/Play: Going Circular

Make circles on your paper, letting your hand move to create the best circles you can Let the circles overlap, touch, or stand alone Make movements with your whole arm, then your hand, and then just your thumb and forefinger to make circles of different sizes

Mindfulness/Play: A Little Exploring

Choose an ordinary object as your unexplored territory Take time to notice the small details in the materials that make up the object Closely explore the terrain of the object and create a drawing that exaggerates the peaks and troughs, the textures and terrains and the tiny imperfections Approach the task as if you are... Continue Reading →

Play: Shopping Cart

Draw an outline of a shopping cart Fill in the cart with self-care items. What items would you use for self-care? What would be in your cart?

Mindfulness/Play: Going Small

In this exercise, I invite you to focus on a very small thing - Small is key here, because the goal of this exercise is not to change your entire life or mindset, but to narrow your focus to one small thing - Depression feels overwhelming - Going small counteracts that storm - Choose a... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness/Play: The Five Senses

Draw/create what you might experience with each of your senses; what can you see, what can you hear, etc. Tune in to what is happening around you, or what things do you enjoy hearing, or seeing, etc.

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