Exploring Self-Care

Check the items on the list that you are currently doing, or will be doing as part of self-care: ExerciseNutritionProper sleepGood hygieneChores around the houseTaking meds as prescribedKeeping medical appointmentsSocializing (with friends or making new connections)Keeping sharp (puzzles, games)Positive self-talkFinding a purposeAllowing time for funTreat myself wellMindfulness/meditationHobbiesThe arts (expression and galleries)Keep strongBe kind to myselfBe... Continue Reading →

Checking In: Self-Care Questions

Are you finding self-care difficult? Do you need to check-in and see how things are going? Are there any areas you want to change what you're doing for yourself? What are some ways to take care of yourself physically?What are some ways to take care of yourself mentally?What are some ways to take care of... Continue Reading →

Creating a Coping Kit

If you are a person who struggles with anxiety, overwhelming thoughts, and overwhelming emotions, and panic attacks, then you probably know there are many times when it feels like the mind has gone bye-bye and has taken logical, helpful thinking with it. In moments of distress, regardless of what triggered them, it can feel like... Continue Reading →

Grounding Tips

Coping with anxiety is hard. My mind goes right offline and all I can feel is tension and fear. My thoughts start racing and when it gets high, it feels like I am about to die. It is only a matter of when, not if. I have had anxiety for many, many years, and it... Continue Reading →

The Window of Tolerance

For those that may not be familiar with the “Window of Tolerance”, it is basically a frame for knowing what state of arousal you might currently be in. The hope (and goal) is that knowing what state you are in, you can then try to manage or cope with any skills, tips, techniques or tools... Continue Reading →

How Can You Cope?

Pick the skills you want to try or use and create cards for them or put them in your phone for quick reference. A couple of tips, some of these are for right away coping, and some might be more effective for when your arousal level is not as high. Some can be done in... Continue Reading →

Learning Coping Skills

So here is the 411 on the “Coping Skills” of my self-made program. I have read a few dozen books on trauma, some specific to meditation, some specific to art therapy, some specific to narrative therapy and some specific to somatic therapy. (I will be posting the list of books I used). Almost all of... Continue Reading →

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