“Channelling” Emotions

If you turned the TV on to the… (angry, sad, happy, scared, fun etc.) channel, what would you see?What would the channel show if it was conveying an emotion? How would you know you were looking at sadness? Or happiness?What would you want to see?What would you not want to see?

Taking Your Temperature

Choose a different word or statement to represent the feelings for each colour Then colour them in and choose which colour you would place yourself in? What colour would represent each emotion?

Emotional Zen

Draw a circle, divided in half like the zen symbol, with opposing emotions Happy/sad, anxious/calm, fear/confident, brave/cowardly, hostile/peaceful, loving/hateful

Feelings Letter

Think of a feeling you are currently experiencing and represent it as a colour or shape Personalize the feeling by giving it a name, e.g. Joe Fear Write a letter to the feeling, you can let the feeling know your associations to it, how it affects you, whether you wish it to go away, etc

Head Full of Thoughts

Draw or write in or around the head whatever comes to mind, it can be a thought or an emotionExplore what thoughts or emotions you might be having right nowIf you could put a picture to what as going on inside of your head right now, what would you see?Use this image to explore or... Continue Reading →

Primary & Secondary Emotion House

Figuring out our primary emotion in a situation can be tough. Some emotions are so difficult or distressing that we won't even notice we have experienced a primary emotion and moved immediately into a secondary more "pleasant" or familiar emotion. For a long time, I was unable to experience anger. I didn't know how to.... Continue Reading →

Emotional Waves & Roller Coasters

This activity explores the life cycle of an intense emotional experience Create an image that portrays emotion-minded moment or experience A wave can also be used to symbolize an urge or emotion as it rises, crests, and falls again A roller coaster can also illustrate how some emotions feel like they are going up and... Continue Reading →

Learning to Love the Weeds

Suppressing our painful or unpleasant emotions and sensations actually increases our suffering Attending to and accepting them frees us from much of their negative impact The idea is to neither push away nor hold on to them Think about what “weeds” you currently have in your own yard Create a lawn filled with weeds, and... Continue Reading →

House of Feelings

This is a simple exercise to explore feelings and how they might be visualized. Any room can have any feeling. Draw or make a house If you were to look through the windows or open the doors to the different rooms, what would you see in the happy room, sad room, angry room, scary room,... Continue Reading →

“Selling” an Emotion

Our emotions provide information. As difficult and unpleasant as some emotions can be, they serve a purpose. Finding that purpose can be just as challenging when it feels so uncomfortable and distressing. So you are going to try and "sell" your emotions to yourself. You are going to remind yourself of why each of your... Continue Reading →

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